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Whenever we receive questions from you concerning anything Spiritual,we will post the questions and our suggested answers on this page.  So email or call us with your questions today.  Remember, every individual has a different approach to the world and my answers are meant to guide, not dictate.  Unless you mean harm, there is no wrong answer to these questions.

I have a boyfriend going to Iraq in a few weeks. How can I give him the most amount of protection? He is Christian but will wear anything I ask him to.

For Pagans, sending someone you love off to war may give off the most hypocritical feelings in the world.  We are a peace loving people who do not necessarily agree with the brutality of war.  We are sending our loved ones to fight for a country that up until a few weeks ago, would not even acknowledge Wicca as a viable belief system, never mind allow us to wear our symbol, the pentagram, on our dog tags. Yet, we are also deeply committed to our community and our nation.  This sense of loyalty, even when we do not agree with the decisions that are being made, creates great conflict within ourselves.


The bottom line is that you want your boyfriend to come home alive.  But more than that, you want him to come home mentally healthy.  


Silver Ravenwolf, a leading Wicca author has a PowWow Himmelsbrief on page 553 of Solitary Witch, (Llewellyn 2003).  By following the instructions in this section you can create a magikal letter for your boyfriend to carry with him that will keep him safe. Use parchment paper to print the letter and seal it with sealing wax from a piece of jewelry of yours. If you do not have appropriate jewelry, you can use a sealing wax stamp.  Scent the paper with dragon’s blood and tie it with a red ribbon.  He can keep this in his duffle bag.


There are many non-denominational amulets that can be worn around the neck.  If he is not allowed to wear additional jewelry on his neck, he can place it on his wrist, ankle or even as a belly chain. If all else fails, pin a white cotton cloth filled with protection herbs and tied with a ribbon to the inside of his shirt.  It is always better if you can personally pin it there, at least the first time, so that your loving energy is part of the action.

            One family made a shrine in their home dedicated to their soldier’s well being. A constantly burning candle (inside a safe burning container) will keep the intention going.  If you cannot keep a candle burning, use a flameless candle.  These are much safer than fire and use one AA battery. A photo of the soldier should be placed here as well.  Every day, something is added or taken away, maybe a flower, a stone, a favorite food, a newspaper article, or a piece of clothe, anything that reminds the family of their soldier.  This keeps the tie between them connected and strong despite the distance.  This will also give him fortitude and sustenance always.  At this shrine, you can do various spells and rituals to assist with his well being. It is very important that you do not feel sad or upset when visiting this shrine; you should feel positive and solid in your conviction that he will return healthy both in mind, spirit and body.


These are difficult times, we are all sad, whether we support the war or not.  Destruction is prevalent and horrendous and we have become numb with the horror that we see each day.  The keep the positive alive is the only goal to be achieved, for when the positive leaves, negativity finds a hole to fill. So always remember that the outcome is for the good of all and continue to evolve, thus eliminating the need for such barbaric actions in the future.

With Yule approaching i would love some guidance on an indoor ritual.

As Yule approaches the weather is getting much colder and many people may not want to do an outdoor ritual at this time of the year. Here are a few suggestions to have a successful an indoor ritual.

- Have plenty of space for the ritual. Know how many people are going to be involved and plan ahead. Personally i would do this near a large window- even though you are not outside at least you can see outside. Use an open room which allows room for everyone to stand; if only a few poeple are involved throw a festive cloth over your kitchen table and use that as your altar. This also has the benefit of being large enought to put food on before or after the ritual for cakes and ale/ fellowship.

- Setting up your altar. If you are using your kitchen table not much preparation is needed here. if you are using an open room make sure you have a small table to set up your altar on rather than on the floor.

- Canldes. if you are planning to use candles please make sure they are placed in glass jars (canning jars will do).  I recomenend not wearing loose clothing; this will help to prevent candles from being knocked over. Keep the candles far away from any household materials (furniture, curtains, etc.)  They also sell battery opperated- flameless candles which are much safer than a normal candle indoors.

- Like the candles- Incense, sage, and anything else you are planning to burn should be done in or over a firesafe container.

-Ritual advice- This is the time if the year when our days are getting longer again. As the days go by each day will have more hours of sunlight. Try to focus your ritual on the gaining of sunlight eachday through visualization. Have everyone state goals that they'd like to accomplish in this time. You can have them write them on pieces of paper and burn them with a candle inside a cauldron, etc.

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