Temple of the Moon



Temple of the Moon

 Sovereign Temple of The Moon is a modern approach to Witchcraft, dedicated to Love, Light, and Family. We honor the Craft through Science, Education, and Understanding of The Universal laws. This is a cohesive, functioning group of like minded individuals who choose to come together to blend energy for the Highest Good to improve ourselves, our family, community, the world, and Universe.

Our tradition is Celtic Family with an emphasis on Wiccan, Shamanic, and Qabalistic Teachings. The main Gods are Lugh and Cernnunos; the Main Goddesses are: Bridget, Arianrhod, Cerridwyn. All persons are welcome to be a friend of the Temple by attending Sabbats and Esbats. Those who wish to attain 1st, 2nd, and 3rd degree status through the Temple may be initiated into the Fledgling program.  By becoming a part of the Temple, one does not give up solitary preferences or eclectic traditions, One simply agrees to work with a group during group workings using the common foundation of the Temple. For more information, call us at the Center.  Remember, all paths lead to the Source, regardless of what label we choose to use.




There are 8 holy days in the calendar year, each one approximately 6 weeks apart. These ceremonies recognize the solar cycle of the planet. honoring the agricultural and seasonal changes and match them to internal changes and adjustments.  All persons are welcome. The focus is on fellowship and intuitive growth of self.


June 20th- Monday- Mid-Summer and Full Moon. We honor the sun at its peak of power through the God Lugh.  Because it is also a Full Moon, the intuitive side of the Goddess energy will also be a factor in this ceremony.

August 1st- Monday-  Lammas We honor the mothers in all forms during this wheat harvest ceremony.  Whether your mother is biological, foster, adoptive, grandparent, or step; all mothers who nurture and sustain their children are recognized for their contribution.  Grain harvests are the foundation of the food chain and can provide much nourishment and health ( if not abused by excess).

September 21st- Wednesday- Mabon. The focus of this Sabbat is balance- balance of the personal needs versus the Societal needs. We usually do an exercise to reconnect with the self for growth and stability.

October 31st- Monday- Samhain. We honor our ancestoral energies during this Sabbat. We prepare for the dormant time where we metaphorically hibernate in preparation of the new growth of Yule. By honoring our ancestors, we recognize the wisdom we carry within each of us that is passed down from previous lives and our elders. 

Dcember 21st- Wednesday- Yule. The birth (and therefore the return) of the king is honored as it symbolically relates to the reawakening of the earth. While it is cold and dormant outside, we are starting to come out of our dormancy period through the reminder of new life


Esbats (Full Moon)

There are 13 moon cycles in every year. Each cycle includes a New Moon and a Full Moon as well as the waxing and waning transitions... We honor both moons, one with Witches Brew, the other with Full Moon Ceremony. The Full Moon ceremony consists of a prepared Nectar to the Goddess that is charged in the Full Moonlight. Each person brings a chalice and a moonstone (which is then placed inside the chalice). The Chalice is placed on the altar (ideally outside if the weather permits). While we wait for the exchange of energy, we do a guided meditation in the meditation room, purposefull for that month's theme.  After the meditation we go back outside where we do an exercise to draw down the moon and collect some much needed healing enery within ourselves. Finally, we feast and enjoy a fire in the firepit ( weather permitting). All beliefs are welcome and honored as this is universal energy that is not limited to one opinion or approach.

The Law of One- we all come from the Source regardless of what label we use

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