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Welcome to the wonderful world of Herbs!


What is the “Magick” behind herbs? What makes them so good for your health?

Herbs are alive. By ingesting herbs, you are attuning your body to the vibration of that herb. You are reminding your body what balance and completeness are. Depending on the herbs you choose, your body will return to a corresponding state of being; oneness of health & balance. This is why herbs are called tonics. Your body resonates with the frequency of the herb to correct any imbalance. As a general statement, allopathic medicine cannot create this attunement. Your body instinctually knows how to use the herb to gently correct any imbalance.


How can you tell good quality herbs?

Smell, taste, color, and effect. Each herb has its own personality and presentation. You will suddenly become aware of how many different shades of brown, green, and yellow there are in the herb world. As you look at my teas you will see that each blend has a different presentation, a different look, a different energy. Each tea stimulates your body in a unique way. Some might make you feel calm, or heady, or invigorated. Just by smelling the tea you might get a cognitive understanding of what the tea helps with. Look at my teas, each herb can be recognized. with store bought brands.  Corporations may not keep herbs alive and healthy because of the enormity of production. Often the herbs are fumigated to kill insects and are sealed with heat chemicals such as Polyvinylchoride (a known carcinogen). As a rule, your local herbalist will have the best, most vibrant herbs, but you must take the time to look for yourself.


What about the packaging of Moon herbals?

We store all of our herbs in glass jars in dark cool locations which lengthens the potency of each herb. We do send our herbs home with you in plastic bags. Ideally, we recommend that you repackage your herbs in glass jars (mason jars work well) when you get them home. Storing in a cabinet away from heat, moisture, and light helps lengthen their life.. ( it turns out that storing your spices above your oven is not a good idea).


When to choose between herbal and allopathic treatments:

In this country it is becoming more and more difficult to obtain herbal medicines. Certified herbalists are not doctors, nor do we prescribe. So many Americans do not take the medicinal qualities of herbs seriously. There have been numerous situations where people have over medicated themselves is by combining allopathic and herbal medicines, thus giving themselves a double dose and becoming seriously compromised from that combination. The Allopathic community recognizes this problem and attempts to take the choice away from the consumer by making herbs difficult to obtain. There is a need to address the bigger problem- that of education- not by attempting to limit choices. Herbal and allopathic can work well together as long as the consumer understands each role. Herbs are meant to augment your life, not cure you of a disease. If you have a chronic disease such as High Blood pressure or Diabetes, you should work with your doctor to correct that imbalance. Remember, it is very important to inform your doctor if you intend to use herbs as a part of your treatment plan. Find the right doctor who can understand the holistic approach and the need for a healthy diet. Herbs are meant to strengthen your body long term. In short, you might ask yourself where you wish to be in 5 years. Eating healthy, non- processed foods, eliminating artificial drinks from your diet and replacing them with healthy live herbs is a progressive long term plan.


How to use Moon Herbal Teas:

To prepare a cup of tea, place 1 teaspoon of dry tea inside a strainer and steap 3 - 5 mins (based on taste). To prepare a pot of tea, one tablespoon per quart of water, again, prepare to taste.  If you are using a reusable bag, do not throw the used tea or bag out.  Hang it to dry or place it in the refrigerator for the next cup/pot.  Simply add more fresh tea to the existing tea to continue to extract nutrients from the herbs.

Infusions:  Leaves, Flowers, Aerial parts

This is the same as a conventional tea bag.  Boil your water, remove from heat and then add your tea bag with herbs.

Decoction: Barks, Roots, Seeds, Berries

Add your tea bag with herbs to your cold water then bring it to a slow simmer.  Gently simmer for 10-15 minutes.  Remove from heat and serve.

Tea machines: All these teas are usable in tea machines.  Just remember that less extraction will occur from the roots, barks, and berries.


What is the best amount of tea to use?

When symptoms are acute, drink as many cups of tea as you are comfortable with during the day, perhaps 3 to 5 cups. When symptoms have lessened, 1- 2 cups per day is usually a good maintenance. Remember, herbs have long term effects. With symptom teas such as allergy tea, you may find that half way through the first cup you will feel better and symptoms will lessen. Good, but remember to use the tea daily during allergy season so as to maintain a level of immunity. Sleep time tea may not be needed at the beginning of the day.  Diabetes tea is good with every meal but remember to watch and monitor how your body responds to this tea if you are on allopathic medicines so as not to double dose. You can always make a large pot of tea, place it in the refrigerator and then take a swig every time you pass by. Find your routine- your rhythm, remember herbs are meant to balance and augment your life.


*We offer classes in Herbology.  Find out more HERE


Services:   Kathy can make specific teas, scents and blends to suit your individual needs. Come in and discuss your preferences with her. Your information will be kept on file for future reference.


Here is a list of Medicinal Herbal teas we can offer.

The Law of One - We all come from the Source regardless of what label we use

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