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Esbats - Full Moon Ceremonies


2021 ESBATS (Full Moons)
January 28th (Thursday) July 23rd (Friday)
February 27th (Saturday) August 22nd (Sunday)
March 28th (Sunday) September 20th (Monday)
April 26th (Monday) October 20th (Wednesday)
May 26th (Wednesday) November 19th (Friday)
June 24th (Thursday) December 18th (Saturday)

There are 12 Esbats (Full Moons) throughout this year.  We celebrate them on the night of the full moon, (or as close as possible).  We start to gather at 6:30PM, with the actual ritual starting closer to 7PM.

This ceremony focuses on the goddess energy.  The Goddess represents our unconscious, or subconscious mind.  By focusing on her, we are bringing ourselves to a closer union with our inner being; our intuitive side.  This ceremony is Wiccan in flavor but all denominations are welcome.  This is not a religious ceremony, but rather, a multidimensional connection with our higher beings. Whether your goddess is Bridget, Quan Yin, or Mother Mary, all are welcome to attend.   Bring your chalice or borrow one of ours.

Our ceremony consists of:

  • Creating and drinking a nectar that has been infused with a moonstone.

  • We do a healing for any individuals, present or not, who have requested it.

  • We meditate to connect on a deeper level with the intuitive side of ourselves.  We include a balancing section to bring us to the best state of being to receive the Goddess's energy

  • "Draw down the moon"  This is done by holding our hands in a specific position to receive the radiance from the moon.  Allowing that energy to flow into ourselves with the nurturing energy of the inner connectedness of the Goddess.

  • (Currently Suspended) The ceremony is followed by a potluck gathering where people can meet other like minded people and connect spiritually.


Full Moon Gatherings are great for people who like to be solitary but wish to mingle with other like-minded people.  We encourage those who wish to remain until the moon is fully visible in the sky to join us in back field to greet the moon.


The Law of One - We all come from the Source regardless of what label we use

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