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Metaphysical Shop & Spiritual Development Center

Shooting for the Moon is a different kind of store.  More than a metaphysical shop, it’s a spiritual center too.  Come visit us to explore your interest in our library, meditate, or pick up some sage, incense, crystals, herbs and much more.  We are located on Route 209 in Stroudsburg, PA. Just up the road from the Snyderville Diner, between the Stone Bar and Jane’s Ice Cream. 

​We also offer classes and services to help you expand your knowledge while on your spiritual journey.  Classes and services are held on location.  Check out our Events page for a list of dates and a more detailed listing of our offerings, which are updated monthly.  

Stop in and experience a different kind of store!



Retail: At The Moon shop we are expanding our merchandise.  We have quite a nice selection of stones and crystals from the very large, to the very small. All of them are handpicked and of top quality.  One of the aspects I work hard to achieve is that I ensure, and humanly as possible, that all the crystals and stones are responsibly harvested.  This means, no slave labor or unduly harsh working conditions.  By hand picking, I do my very best to ensure that the energy of the stones is as high a frequency as possible.

We have acquired a new selection of rings and jewelry, including poison rings.  “Poison ring” is a term used in since the times of the Greeks and became most popular during the sixteenth century.  Often used to harm enemies, this ring was also a way for individuals to escape through death should they be found out and arrested for heresy.  A more common use, especially in today’s times, is to wear as an amulet for protection.  The tiny chamber can carry herbs or taglock’s for protection and defense.

To accommodate the expanse of our merchandise, we have rearranged the store slightly.  It is now more open and flowing with an ease for movement.  Come see the changes…

Readings:  Are still available both by phone, and in person.  Cost is $50.  Appointments recommended 570-992-0943.

Center:  We opted to cease all programs during the past year to stay safe and compliant.  Our goal for this year is to begin classes and events again.  We have both a Pavilion and the Moon field where outside activities can occur.  Our plan is to gradually restart some events.  These events will be held outside and with limited numbers of people.

Classes:  We will be offering classes, both in person and by Zoom with perhaps a combination of both.  Our classes require the use of energy for effective results and therefore, we need to establish a safe environment in which to exchange energy.  This is a work in progress so please be patient with us.  I am offering One on One (to two) classes for those who requested help in a specific topic.

Sabbats:  We are coming into the Spring Equinox – Easter and Passover for some, Ostara for others.  The energy is compatible, regardless of what label.  There is a recognition of liberation, Jews celebrate the leaving of their oppressed slavery in Egypt; Jesus has overcome death; and Bridget, as a maiden, coming of age and maturing into puberty and also her power.  Agriculturally, it represents growth.  Flowers are popping out of the ground (if the snow gets out of the way) liberated from their dormancy.  Baby animals (born in February) are leaving the safety of their mothers to explore this grand world.  And we, as humans, are slowly coming out of winter blues.  This year is exaggerated energy as to the fact that many of us have been in limbo with the presence of Covid 19.  We are all finding a new path of normalcy.

Store hours:  Goggle has confused many with our store hours so let me say, for the record, we are not open at midnight on Sundays, ha ha.  We are open Tuesday through Saturday at 11AM and Sunday at 12 PM.  We closed Tuesday through Friday at 5 PM and Saturday and Sunday at 3PM.  This may seem like limited ours but we keep this schedule so that we have time for readings and classes and special events.  I live on premise and have no problem, most of the time, with opening at other times.  Usually, the store is open by 10AM and remains open until every has finished shopping at the end of the day.  It is no inconvenience to me except when I have other obligations.  Just call and communicate your needs and I will do my best to accommodate you.  570-992-0943.


As always, Love & Light,



Remember our tenet above all else: WE ARE ALL ONE

Phone: 570-992-0943

Email: agate@ptd.net


 We are now located at 6162 Rte 209 Stroudsbrg Pa 18360.  We are just .2 miles from the old location.  From Rt 33 take the Harley Davidson exit in Snydersville, turn towards the center of Snydersville with the gas station on your right.  At the stop sign turn right towards the center of town but turn left onto Neyhart road (feels as if you are going straight up a hill).  At the top of that hill, turn right onto Rt 209 N Business and turn immediately into our driveway on your left.

agate@ptd.net     570-992-0943

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6162 Rte 209, Stroudsburg, PA 18360, (570) 992-0943