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We have just celebrated our 2nd year anniversary in the new location.  We are settled in and have a large selection of merchandise from crystals to clothing. If you haven't visited us yet, now is a good time to do so.

I’ve been watching the riots just like everyone else and have decided that I have to speak on the subject, and act.  This is 2020.  We are well into the age of Aquarius.  So many people are waking up to their intuitive powers.   As a species, we are growing into a new level of consciousness.  We are slowly gravitating away from organized religions and exploring our individual paths of Spiritual connection. We are becoming independent thinkers.

     It is time to claim the right to be treated with respect; all people, not just a select few.

     As many of you know, my family is bi-racial.  For the most part, our lives are not so different from our neighbors’ lives. We still struggle to pay our bills, keep the cars from breaking down, and maintain our households. Where we are different is that every time my black adult son leaves the house, I worry that he will not return safely because someone else feels he has less rights than they.  

    I am in conflict because my belief is: “Do No Harm”. Yet, we are not any safer today than we were when I first married my husband in 1985.  Whenever someone is unjustifiably rude to me or mine, I always wonder whether that person is just having a bad day, or is expressing some undercurrent of judgement, either because of race, religion, or gender.

   It is very hard to live on edge like that day in and day out.

So, I have chosen over the years, to ignore bad vibes from people.  I choose to only face the positive in people. I choose to Love everyone, whether they like me or not. I choose to not think about the possibilities that “hate” can send my way.

      We live in a “good” town, where the police are not the problem. They walked beside the protestors in an act of solidarity; but there is still judgement and meanness all around us. The local store clerk who would not sell to my son whose cash was as good as anyone else’s.  The restaurant who seats us in the back so that it is harder to be served.  I am tired of the different set of rules for my family than yours.

   So, go ahead and protest, peacefully but loudly.  Be mad.  Stomp your feet and make some noise, but more importantly, stop judging people different from yourselves. When you judge someone, you are really looking for flaws in that person to make yourself feel more secure in your choices. When you judge, that person will always fail because you are looking for a reason for inequality.

    Be kind to each other.  Be open to each other. Embrace other people’s different perspectives and outlooks without inserting superiority or a need to validate your opinions.

 Lighten Up.  What a perfect phrase.  We are in the age of Aquarius.  Everywhere are techniques on how to enlighten ourselves, how to raise our vibrations. It is time to rise above the noise of hate and judgement and see each other as sentient beings, each of us equal in worth and value, no excuses, no “yeah buts”.  It starts with your neighbors, the clerk at the grocery store, or anyone you come in contact with. Rather than being afraid, open your heart intuitively.  Make a connection “heart to heart”.  Nothing needs to be said, no grand statement of love.  Just open your energy to others and you will find that you will benefit from that exercise. You will be less afraid.  You will begin to “see” people energetically rather than physically. Yes, it’s true that some people are not of a positive vibration and you will learn how to discern who’s safe and who’s not, but most are, safe I mean  Not only will this exercise develop your intuitive skills, but it will open you to a higher vibration that will enrich your life.  In short, you will learn to Lighten Up.

     We are coming into a full moon this week.  This is the perfect week to start such a task, and, it is a task.  It will take discipline and repetitive attempts and failed frustrations. but it will work.  I promise you, it will work.  Trust the process. Feel free to give me feedback on your progress.  Start a journal to record your feelings and progress.  Share with me your obstacles and I will do my best to help you work through them.  It is a better alternative than sitting home frustrated and helpless.  It’s time to take action.  Choose to Love.

All my Love & Light


Metaphysical Shop & Spiritual Development Center


Shooting for the Moon is a different kind of store.  More than a metaphysical shop, it’s a spiritual center too.  Come visit us to explore your interest in our library, meditate, or pick up some sage, incense, crystals, herbs and much more.  We are located on Route 209 in Stroudsburg, PA. Just up the road from the Snyderville Diner, between the Stone Bar and Jane’s Ice Cream. 

​We also offer classes and services to help you expand your knowledge while on your spiritual journey.  Classes and services are held on location.  Check out our Events page for a list of dates and a more detailed listing of our offerings, which are updated monthly.  

Stop in and experience a different kind of store!


     The hours have been modified Tuesday to Saturday @ 1pm to 5pm

     Please call (570-992-0943) if the door is locked.  You can still call in your orders
     and pick them up at the window.

     Only one car load will be allowed in the store at a time. 

     We do have curbside window service for anyone who knows what they
     want and do not need to enter the store.

     Masks must be worn properly at all times.

     No touching the merchandise without gloves that I will provide.  

     While it is human nature to pretend that we are "back to normal", nothing is
     further from the truth.  Please be considerate and only touch items that you
     intent to purchase.  Please be patient while waiting to enter the store.

Can't wait to see everybody!!!

Remember our tenet above all else: WE ARE ALL ONE
Love & Light,  Kathy

Please call ahead as the times have changed


Call 570-992-0943 or agate@ptd.net

Tarot Club

Every other Tuesday

(starting June 9th)

6:30 PM $10

Basic Astrology - 
Signs, Houses & Planets

(See below) (See below) $40
for 3 classes
What is Magick? (See below) (See below) $15
What is Wicca? (See below) (See below) $15
Runes  (See below) (See below) $10
Empowering Tools (See below) (See below) $40

Dates/times will be assigned when we get enough people interested.
Please remember to leave your name, phone number and which class/club you wish to join.


 We are now located at 6162 Rte 209 Stroudsbrg Pa 18360.  We are just .2 miles from the old location.  From Rt 33 take the Harley Davidson exit in Snydersville, turn towards the center of Snydersville with the gas station on your right.  At the stop sign turn right towards the center of town but turn left onto Neyhart road (feels as if you are going straight up a hill).  At the top of that hill, turn right onto Rt 209 N Business and turn immediately into our driveway on your left.

agate@ptd.net     570-992-0943

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6162 Rte 209, Stroudsburg, PA 18360, (570) 992-0943