Can you believe that we are approaching our first year anniversary!   August 17th last year was a friday, the day I closed on the new building.  We Have been in this building for 1 year.

 Time flies when you're having fun...     
    I think back on when  Shooting for the Moon began, as a half shared booth in a flea market.  I thought I was opening a gift shop, destined to sell little silly bears and butterflies to tourists.  Yet, how we have grown.  From trinkets to deep studies in esoteric philosophy; from necessary tools to unique gemstones. So, we are celebrating our anniversary by giving a charm bag to everyone who enters the building.  This bag will be for hearth and home , bringing prosperity, abundance, and    a sense of contentment to you for what you have achieved in your life thus far. The journey continues, but with this pause to reflect on how much you have accomplished  in your individual lives, you can celebrate the growth of your future..           
              "We are all One, learning from each other"                                                                                            KAB
This month at Shooting for the Moon:  August 2019
Mondays: 6:30PM Sacred Circle dance for Women, cost $15
Tuesday August 13- Tarot Club 6:30, cost $10
Thursday, August 15th 6:30PM  Full Moon,  cost $5 plus food
Saturday, August 17th Drum Circle cancelled 
Tuesday,August 20th, Reiki Practitioner Gathering 6:30PM cost $10 
Anyone who has been in the center recently knows the chaos we are experiencing by the donation of over 3000 books and decks.  I am happy to say that we have organized and incorporated in to our library these additional books.  We have such an amazing wealth of knowledge in our library. For anyone wishing to utilize that library we offer a one time membership cost of $50.  For that amount, you will receive a lifetime membership card and the ability to check out up to 2 books to bring home. When you return those books you can take 2 more.  If you keep the books longer than 30 days without renewing, you will be charged a $2 fee per book, per week.  If you fail to return the books, your membership will be forfeited and you will be responsible for the retail cost of the books.    
Have your inner goddess painted:
    India Jones is a local artist who will paint your inner goddess for you based on a channeling through cards.  You will meet with her and during that session, she will pull out 3 cards that represent your goddess energy.  From that information, she will rough sketch your painting for your approval.  Within 3 days she will have the finished product.  A small painting is $60 and a large one is $100.  Call the store for a session.
Energy Healing
Ravyn Zen Tallada and Rose Saldana are our reiki practitioners. 
Both have been working with energy for many years and have recently gotten their certificates in several healing modalities including Usui Reiki. These two ladies will be offering a multiple of classes and workshops to help you work with energy and chakras as well as sessions.
Reiki sessions (approximately 60 minutes) :
$45 for the first session
$65 for each continuing session
$200 for a package of 4 sessions. Please note that the appointments should be made when paying for the package (unless it is a gift certificate for someone else).  This package should be used within a 4 month period or less for maximum benefit.
Reiki Practitioner Gathering:August 6th & 20th
 They will also be leading a reiki group for attuned persons where people who have received their reiki attunments can gather to practice with other reiki attuned people.  No clients will be attending these gatherings.  This will be a time for reiki persons to hone their skills by working on and with each other. We plan to meet the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of every month at 6:30PM.  Cost is a donation of $10.  Bring a copy of your certifications for our records. First meeting will be :
August 6th at 6:30PM.  Signs are appreciated.
Chakras:   Coming in late August, we will be offering a 7 week course in the Chakras.  Cost will be the same as a 6 week course which is $150, prepaid.  Whoever finishes the course has the opportunity to be aligned for $20.
Chakra alignment sessions ( approximately 30): This session will align your chakras and cleanse your aura for balance.  Cost is  $30.
Crystal Healing sessions (20-30 minutes):  We work with crystals to open and heal your energy centers.  Cost is $30 stand alone or $20 when combined with a chakra alignment session. 
Crystal Workshop: look forward to our 1 day crystal workshop where you will learn the metaphysical energy of the crystals.  Cost $50. You will receive a pouch of crystals as part of this workshop.
Animal Healing is Here
Sheila is our newest member of the healing squad.  She is offering animal massage and healing to animals, small and large.  Bring your cat, dogs, gerbils, and even horses for healing. This healing will be done outside in the pavilion or grassy area depending on the size and need of the animal.  Cost varies, so call to sign up and receive more details. 
Sacred Circle Dance: Monday nights at 6:30PM.
Calling all women to dance and play with energy.  Wear your flowing dresses and skirts and fill yourself with the energy of Spirit while doing light dance steps.  SO much fun!!!  Cost is $15 plus you get 10% off anything you purchase in the store.
Drum Circle: August 3rd & 17th
    We are having the next circle on August 3rd and again on August 17th at 1PM*.  Cost is $10 and you should bring your own drum, if you have one.  we do have a few to borrow and several choices to buy.  * Please note the time change to 1PM
Drum Workshop:
   Our next Drum Workshop with Ken is October 26th at 1PM.  Cost is $40 and he will bring multiple percussion instruments for you to experiment with.  
The idea is that we will be taught various techniques by Ken during the workshops and will become familiar and confident with those techniques during our drum circles. It is important to support both the drum workshops and the drum circles so that we can continue to learn and expand our abilities.
 Tarot Club: August 13th & 27th
 We have had our first tarot club and it was a huge success.  We have decided to meet twice a month, on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays.  Cost is $10 and we meet at 6:30PM.  Bring your favorite deck our use one of ours.  The next one is July 23rd and then again on August 13th.  We had a fun while practicing our intuitive skills through the cards, learning about various artist's interpretation of Tarot as well as familiarizing our individual decks. Snacks are welcome. Signs up suggested but not mandatory.
                         Esbats & Sabbats
Lughnasah is August 1st (Thursday) at 6:30PM.
     Join us in this celebration to the agricultural year.  This is the wheat harvest where abundance is mulitiplied.  All are welcome.  Cost is $5 plus a potluck to share with others.
Full Moon is Thursday August 15th at 6:30PM.
         Cost is $5 plus a potluck meal.    These events are Wiccan in flavor but people of all beliefs will benefit from attending.  At the Moon, we focus on the inner connection to higher self, the esoteric path to Oneness.  Individual religious beliefs are not the emphasis.  
Wonderful things are happening at the Moon. 
  • The "Apothekathy" is being updated and revamped.  Rose and Jay and Ravyn are being very creative and we all look forward to your reaction to the space.
  • The Healing room is up and running.  More creativity to come...
  • We now have Candle making services.  Whatever you need to create in your life, we can augment it with a candle.  Bring your intentions in and together we can manifest your intentions.
Esbats:  Full Moon Celebrations  (6:30Pm- bring $5 and a potluck)
                            April 19th
                            May 18th
                            June 17th
                            July 16th
                            August 15th
                            September 14th
                            October 13th
                            November 12th
                            December 12th
Sabbats- Celebration of the Solar year (6:30 PM - bring $5 and a potluck)
                            May 1st- Beltaine
                            June 21st- Mid Summer
                            August 1st- Lughnasadh
                            September 23rd- Mabon
                            October 31st- Samhain ( this one costs $10)
                             December 21st- Yule
Sacred Circle Dance-  Mondays at 6:30PM cost is $15
         Come dance with us.  Every monday beginning April 22nd.  Wear loose flowing clothes and comfortable shoes.  We will be dancing outside in the Moon field or under the pavillion or inside depending on the weather.  Call for more details
Kitchen Witchery- 1st Sunday of every month- cost is $5
          We will be sharing our home-cooked foods with each other.  These foods must be made with some kid of magick, either in the ingredients, the process of cooking, or during a spell or working.  Use your imagination.  We use magick everyday and cooking is one of the most common ways to express our magickal selves. Come, enjoy an evening of good foods, good people, and exchange of magickal intentions.  Be prepared to share your methods with everyone either by bringing a recipe or just explaining how you used magic in your meals. 
                   Magick is non-denominational.  Everyone from every belief system is welcome..
Reiki Level 1- Saturday, April 27th  and Sunday , April  28th-  11-2PM.  Cost is $150
         Come join us for this two day workshop that will attune you to Level 1 Usui Reiki .  This workshop is spread over two days to give the student time to absorb the learning from day one and also to give more hands on practice.  You must sign up in advance, and leave a non-refundable deposit.  Payment in full is expected by the first day.  Wear comfortable clothes, and bring water.  Not only will this class teach level 1 reiki, but an overview of how energy works and various methods of applying it.  After this workshop, you will be able to use reiki on yourself and family members, including your four legged ones.
Tarot Class:  We are currently holding a 6 week Tarot class.  This class is broken down into two sections- Minor and Major Arcana. Each arcana is 3 weeks long.  Students are welcome to join this class at the half-way mark which will be April 23rd.  Then the class will continue to complete the entire course.  Cost is $150 if paid in full or $180 if paid in payments.  Call to sign up.  We will not be having Tarot again unless the Fall.
                So... Here's what's coming in the future
Crystal Energies- and how to use them.
Sacred Breathing Yoga
Reiki Share
Tarot Share
Arts & The Craft
Gardening in the Sacred way
Bringing Children into the Craft
Heal  through the Land Projects-
                      Creating a meditation garden
                      Outside Altars
                      Walking Awake- making a  trail of spiritual exercises
Don't just watch us grow, Grow with us.  Be a part of this wonderful place as we develop it into something for all of us.
Welcome to

Shooting for the Moon

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We have moved! We are now located at 6162 Rte 209 Stroudsbrg Pa 18360.  We are just 2/10th of a mile from the old location.  From rt 33 take the Harley Davidson exit in SNydersville, turn towards the center of SNydersville with the gas station on your right.  AT the stop sign turn right towards the center of town but turn left onto Neyhart road ( feels as if you are going straight up a hill).  AT the top of that hill, turn right onto rt 209 North business and turn immediately into our driveway.     570-992-0943

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 Temple of the Moon program of magickal studies. Our group meets to learn the tradition ways of Celtic magick, Planetary magick, divination, philosophy of the Ancient ways, ceremonial magick through the Qabala, folklore, and much more. The cost is $40 per month and a commitment of one year will be required for new students. Contact Kathy to ask for more information by calling:

(570) 992-0943


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