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Metaphysical Shop & Spiritual Development Center

Shooting for the Moon is a different kind of store.  More than a metaphysical shop, it’s a spiritual center too.  Come visit us to explore your interest in our library, meditate, or pick up some sage, incense, crystals, herbs and much more.  We are located on Route 209 in Stroudsburg, PA. Just up the road from the Snyderville Diner, between the Stone Bar and Jane’s Ice Cream. 

​We also offer classes and services to help you expand your knowledge while on your spiritual journey.  Classes and services are held on location.  Check out our Events page for a list of dates and a more detailed listing of our offerings, which are updated monthly.  

Stop in and experience a different kind of store!

We, as a unified human race, are facing one of the most challenging situations we have ever conceived of.  When this crisis is over, and it will be; we will stand taller, be more Spiritual, and be better connected with each other.  Families will have become top priority; relationships will be more cherished and overall, we will become the wonderful humans that we already are. Not only will we become better connected on a sentient level; but our sense of unity (not just for our neighborhoods or our country, but) for the world will be absolute.
This is not a pipe dream, this is our destiny.  We have been training for this for centuries, learning to communicate and value each other. Shedding racism, separatism, elitism have all been trial runs for this event.  This is a time when we are meant to support and heal each other for we are all in this together, no exceptions.  Rich, poor, old, young- everyone will be affected by this experience.  It is Universal.  
Sadly, I have been informed that the governor is CLOSING all non essential businesses by midnight tonight (March 16th). That means us. 
All activities, including Ostara, have been canceled.  We are writing a ritual for everyone to do at home on Thursday and should have that to you in the next few days. (Ostara Ritual)
I suggest that everyone stock up on their metaphysical supplies.  If you need something you can call it in to the store, pay by credit card, and swing by to pick up the merchandise at an agreed upon time.  I will bring the merchandise out to your car.  I am still available for phone readings and counseling. Cost is $50.
Remember our tenet above all else: WE ARE ALL ONE


Love & Light,  Kathy


Full Moon March 9th (Mon) 6:30 PM $5 + Food to Share
Tarot Club March 10th (Tue) 6:30 PM $5 + Shareable Snack
Earth, Air, Fire & Water March 11th (Wed) CANCELLED $40
Spring Cleaning March 15th (Sun) CANCELLED $40
Reiki Share March 17th (Tue) CANCELLED $10
Planetary Hours in Magick March 18th (Wed) CANCELLED $40
Ostara March 19th (Thur) CANCELLED $10 + Food to Share
Basic Tarot March 26th (Thur) CANCELLED $150 (6 wk course)


We have moved! We are now located at 6162 Rte 209 Stroudsbrg Pa 18360.  We are just .2 miles from the old location.  From Rt 33 take the Harley Davidson exit in Snydersville, turn towards the center of Snydersville with the gas station on your right.  At the stop sign turn right towards the center of town but turn left onto Neyhart road (feels as if you are going straight up a hill).  At the top of that hill, turn right onto Rt 209 N Business and turn immediately into our driveway on your left.

agate@ptd.net     570-992-0943

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The Law of One - We all come from the Source regardless of what label we use

6162 Rte 209, Stroudsburg, PA 18360, (570) 992-0943