Course Catalog

6 WEEK CLASSES - $150.00

+ Basic Herbology
This six week course will cover the basic use of herbs for wellness purposes. Although we are not doctors and do not prescribe, this course observes and explores the use of herbs over the centuries as a method of healing.

Text Needed for this class : Holistic Herbal by David Hoffman

+ Magickal Herbology
This course will explore the correspondences of herbs, essential oils, and resins as combined with magickal intentions. We will be making magickal blends to use in spells, workings and ceremony. You will develop and walk away with a deep understanding of the basic principle of magickal correspondences in the plant world.

Text Needed for this Class: Herbal Magick by Paul Beyeri

+ Tarot 101 (The Basics)
Learn the basic meanings of the major and minor arcana. This class teaches the student how to be a tarot reader. Each student will walk away from this able to use the cards for divinitory purposes AND self exploration.

Text: In House Manual ($20.00)

+ Magick in Theory
Learn the history behind and the basics of magick in this six week class. Students will walk away from this class with the knowledge of how to use their divine will to manifest change in their lives, in the world and in the lives of others.

+ Planetary Magick
Learn the basic energy of how the planets and planetary shifts effect us daily and how to utilize them in your divine and magickal practice.

One Day Classes - $40.00

Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils and scent for healing. In this class you will learn the basics of how to use essential oils for healing the body and mind.

+Herbal Muscle Testing
Muscle testing is the body's basic response to what works for it and what does not. In this class you will learn which herbs your body needs and which herbs you do not need.

+Crystal Identification
Crystals, like all things in nature (including us), vibrate at different energy levels. In this class, you'll learn how to identify crystals by how they feel and not just by how they look.

+Individual topics by request
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