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Magickal Classes - One on One (call to schedule)

Tarot Classes - April 22nd to May 27th

Working on opening up other classes in the near future

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Wand Making
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Astrology Classes
We are breaking the astrology course into smaller manageable segments of 3 classes each.  The ideal way to learn is by taking each segment in sequence.  In order to start the ext sequence in the series, you must pass a quiz from the previous course or courses to prove your adeptness with the subject material.  So, for example; if yo wish to take the 2nd segment of classes, you need to pass the 1st segment's quiz by at least 90%.  If you wish to take the 3rd segment being taught so that the class can proceed smoothly.  This also allows for individuals who have some knowledge in astrology to be able to skip those segments they already know.  As with all our courses, once you pay for the segment being taught, you can repeat that segment at no cost if there is room in the following class.  This way you are guaranteed to learn the information being taught.
Note: One on One tutoring is available for a fee to be negotiated between the student and the teacher.
Basic Astrology 1 - Houses, Signs and Planets   Online Cost $40 for 3 classes
This 3 week course will help you understand the glyphs of astrology.  You will learn the meanings of the houses, planets and signs.  You will learn their symbols, meanings as well as the way they dance together.
Text Needed: The Astrologers Handbook by Frances Sakoian and Louis S. Acker
Dates:  Depends on interest.  Call 570-992-0943 or email agate@ptd.net.  Leave your name, phone number and the class you're interested in attending.
Basic Astrology 2 - Aspects   Cost $40
This 3 week course will teach you the beginnings of reading charts.  You will learn about the natural wheel versus the actual wheel.  You will learn the aspects between planets and how they are affected by the hours and signs they occupy.  re-requisite: Pass Basic Astrology 1 test.
Date:  Postponed
Basic Astrology 3 - Natal Charts   Cost $40
This 3 week course will teach you how to read and interpret charts, especially your own natal chart.  Pre-requisite: pass Basic Astrology 1 and Basic Astrology 2 quizzes.
Date:  Postponed

Understanding the Chakras   Cost $150
This is a 7 week course.  Each week a different chakra is explored.  Through this exploration you will become comfortable with the energy or each chakra as well as understanding how to balance.
Date:  Postponed

Crystals   Cost $40
Come learn the basic energies of the crystals and stones we carry in the store.  Bring your own stones in for identification.  
Dates: Postponed

Herbology Classes
Basic Herbology   Cost $150
This is a 6 week course that teaches you how to use herbs in your daily life.  Infusions, decoctions, salves, poutices, tinctures, capsules are all part of this course.  You will have a basic understanding of the use of herbs for wellness and balance.  Systems of the body are discussed as well as those herbs that affect those systems.  Muscle testing through use of the pendulum is also taught.  
Although we are not doctors and do not prescribe, this course observes and explores the use of herbs over the centuries as a method of healing.

Text Needed: Holistic Herbal by David Hoffman
Dates: Postponed
Magickal Herbology   Cost $150
This 6 week course teaches you the use of herbs for magick.  We will explore the correspondences of herbs, essential oils, and resins as combined with magickal intentions. We will be making magickal blends to use in Poppets, Mojo bags, Spellcraft, workings and ceremony; plus growing and harvesting magickal herbs.  You will develop and walk away with a deep understanding of the basic principle of magickal correspondences in the plant world.

Text Needed: Herbal Magick by Paul Beyeri
Dates: Postponed

Tarot (The Minor Arcana)
Learn the basic meanings of the minor arcana. This class teaches the student how to be a tarot reader. Each student will walk away from this able to use the cards for divinatory purposes AND self exploration.

Text: In House Manual
Dates: Thursday's Apr 22nd - May 27th, Fall dates to follow

What is Wicca?   Online Cost $15
Learn the basics of Wicca - what it is and what it isn't.
Date: Depends on interest.  Call 570-992-0943 or email agate@ptd.net.  Leave your name, phone number and the class you're interested in attending.

Wand Making
Woods of the Craft   Cost $40
Learn about a few of the woods in the area.  Choose the wood that most resonates with you to make your wand.
Dates: Postponed
Design your Wand   Cost $40
Review some designs or bring your own.  See what we have available to use to design your wand. Note: you can bring your own items to design if you wish
Dates: Postponed
Make you Wand   Cost $40
Bring your designed wand to fruition.  
Dates: Postponed
Activate your Wand   Cost $40
Dates: Postponed

Magickal Series
What is Magick?   Online Cost $15
In this class, we will discuss the various types of magick as well as brief description of each approach.  You will understand the various labels of magick as well as some of the masters who teach it.  This basic class will help you find answers to Wicca, Ceremonial, Qabala, Enochian, Shamanism, Druidism, Solitary, Chaos, Traditional and many more.
Dates: Depends on interest.  Call 570-992-0943 or email agate@ptd.net.  Leave your name, phone number and the class you're interested in attending.
History of the Craft and Secret Societies   Cost $40
Secret societies have been around since the beginning of civilization.  We will have a history of the secret societies and a modern update to their foundations.  This is a great class for all the history buffs and for those who wish to understand to progression of esoteric philosophy from then until now.
Dates: February 9 - Sunday 3 PM
Earth, Air, Fire, Water   Cost $40
Learn how to set up an Alter. You will learn where the elements fit into the Craft as well as the various perspectives on creating sacred space.  Why do the Elements play such an important role in the Craft and how can you bring their energies into your personal lives.
Dates: March 11 - Wednesday @ 6:30 PM
            September 16 - Wednesday @ 6:30 PM - Tentative
Deities of the Craft   Cost $40
Learn the various pantheons and deities from each pantheon.  You will be making clay representations of the God and Goddess as you learn the meanings of deity in the Craft.
Dates: Postponed
Planetary Hours in Magick   Cost $40
This workshop will teach you how to plan your spell work with astrology and planetary hours.  You will learn how to work with void of course; calculate planetary hours; and pick the correct astrological time for your working.  3 hrs workshop.
Dates: Postponed
            September 9 - Wednesday @ 6:30 PM - Tentative
Runes   Online Cost $10
Learn the basic meanings of the runes of the Elder Futhark.  As you learn the energy of each run, you will be making your own rue.  By the end of the workshop, you will have a full set of runes and will learn how to imbue your energy into them to make them yours.
Dates: Depends on interest.  Call 570-992-0943 or email agate@ptd.net.  Leave your name, phone number and the class you're interested in attending.
Pendulum   Cost $40
Learn how to use a pendulum.  Through learning the pendulum, you will also learn the properties of Air and how we use it in the Craft.  You will be making your own pendulum and spirit board.  We will be discussing the use of spirit boards, ouiji boards, dowsing rods and pendulums for magick and wellness.  We will teach ways of protection.
Dates: June 11 - Thursday @ 6:30 PM - Tentative
            November 28 - Saturday @ 1 PM - Tentative
Chalice Making   Cost $40
Come paint your chalice.  We teach about the energy of water as we paint our chalices.
Dates: August 1st - Saturday @ 3 PM - Tentative
Hat Making   Cost $40
Learn the Cone of Power as represented through the witch's hat.
Dates: September 26 - Saturday @ 1 PM - Tentative
Talismans & Amulets   Cost $40
Learn what talisman and amulet energy entails.  You will learn how to make your own.
Dates: October 24 - Saturday @ 1 PM - Tentative
Universal Laws   Cost $40
Dates: July 7 - Tuesday @ 6:30 PM - Tentative

The Witchy Gardener Series
Everyone has a little bit of Witch inside.  This is a series of monthly workshops that teach the witch's approach to gardening.  Each session will have a different topic.  There are no pre-requisites for these workshops.  Just come and have fun.  Sign up is required as materials are needed for each workshop.  The cost of materials varies but should not be higher than $15.
January: Planting seeds   Cost $40 + materials
Learn when to begin your seeds.  We will discuss what days are magickal for planting, sowing and harvesting.  We will be starting seeds that day.
Date: January 19 - Sunday @ 12 PM
February: Love herb poppets   Cost $40 + materials
We will be discussing various forms of poppets and will be making a Love poppet.
Date: February 23 - Sunday @ 12 PM
March: Bring on Spring   Cost $40 + materials
Time to Spring clean and cleanse.  Bring in the fresh and remove the stale.  We will be discussing various methods of smudging and making our own cleansing tool.
Date: Postponed
April: The Witch's Garden   Cost $40 + materials
We will be Setting up our garden, learning cold weather techniques for gardening.  We will be discussing planning of a moon garden, a wellness garden and other designs.. we will be making a fairy garden terrarium.
Date: Postponed
May: Gardening at Night   Cost $40 + materials
We will learn what herbs bloom at night, creating a moon garden design and making a mini alter for our gardens.
Date: Postponed
June: Midsummer herbs - Crystals in the Garden   Cost $40 + materials
Learning to use a Boline and other magickal gardening tools.  We will be discussing what crystals help the garden grow.  We will be setting up a crystal grid.
Date: June 20 - Saturday @ 12 PM - Tentative
July: Drying Herbs and Flowers   Cost $40 + materials
Learning various methods of preserving herbs for both magickal and wellness needs.
Date: July 12 - Sunday @ 12 PM - Tentative
August: Magickal Wreaths    Cost $40 + materials
Use the herbs from your own garden (or ours) to create a magickally charged wreath for your front door.  We will be learning how to charge items with magick from various herbs.
Date: August 23 - Sunday @ 12 PM - Tentative
September: Prolonging the Growing Season    Cost $40 + materials
Learn methods of prolonging the growing season through garden cloth, cold frames.  Charging the garden energetically.  Create a spell for the garden.
Date: September 12 - Saturday @ 12 PM - Tentative
October: Closing down the garden, honoring the Dead   Cost $40 + materials
How to til the ground, dig up the Dahlias, break them apart.  Talk about bulbs and plant the bulbs for next Spring.
Date: October 10 - Saturday @ 12 PM - Tentative
November: Thanksgiving feast using garden herbs   Cost TBA + materials
Everyone cooks with something from their garden - herbs, roots, vegetables.  Discussion on ways to give thanks and offerings to the garden.
Date: November 15 - Sunday @ 12 PM - Tentative
December: Deities of the Garden   Cost $40 + materials
A discussion on the various cultures, their growing seasons and deities with powers to influence the garden.  Everyone makes a Yule Log.
Date: December 12 - Saturday @ 12 PM - Tentative

The Law of One - We all come from the Source regardless of what label we use

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