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4 Feb 2011

My name is Kathy Agate Brown. I am the owner of Shooting for the MoonSpiritualDevelopmentCenterand I have just listened to parts of Chris Hansen's report on Fortune Tellers. I don't know if I should be glad or sad about the report. Here is why...

As a professional Tarot reader and Legitimate Spiritual counselor, I am constantly having to deal with clients who have been ripped off by these selfish charlatans who read people's fears and then convince them to spend, up to thousands of dollars on crystals, candles and other such novelties. WE DON"T DO ANYTHING LIKE THAT. Any reader who convinces their client that the client does not have the power to change what is not working in their life into that which does work, is not a legitimate reader. There are many scam readers out there who are making ridiculous money off their client's fears, but, there are many of us who legitimately help clients find solutions to problems. A follow up on how to find a legitimate Spiritual reader would be a good report. As a Counselor for many, many years, I find that using the cards breaks through defense barriers that clients create in order to protect themselves from feelings of inadequacy.

The question I teach my customers to ask is... Who owns the power? Anyone who convinces a client that the client does not have the power to fix whatever problems are occurring in the clients life, is not a positive reader. A legitimate reader helps the client to identify the problem and guides that person towards healthy solutions to that problem. The client owns the power, not the Reader. A definitive amount of money is exchanged, and no additional hidden costs are accrued.

Let's face it, anyone advertising $5 readings is not making money off that service. The client should ask himself how that reader is making a sustainable living off of $5 readings?

Please consider another report that shows a more favorable look at legitimate readers who really do offer a valuable service to clients.

Kathy Agate Brown

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