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Articles of Interest > Spiritual University #5: An Original Life

30 Jan 2011

Each life is a dichotomy: both unique and the same. Additionally, each life is an original expression of the creative potential of the universe. During the course of life, each person has to create a balance between those aspects that are universal and those that are deeply personal. 
Within the parameters of free will choice individuals are to create their own destiny. The answer to the question: what is the purpose of life?  Is an answer that the individual works out and creates themselves. On one level, the point of the journey is for the traveler to experience different things, learn and more fully understand their individual role in the universe. To this end, each traveler grows in understanding of the Source and is a creator within specific areas.
The great philosophies, religions and teachers exist to help the traveler make decisions that have a personal impact.  Not everyone believes or acts in the same manner.  Each has a set of potential learning experiences and talents. These interests are to manifest in the world.  Then we react and these reactions help form or create our own unique journey.
Each person comes into this world with specific talents and a life plan which they help to create.  During the course of their life, events occur that are beyond one’s control and others that we help create; in both sets of circumstance, the individual has the opportunity to react, grow and learn.  This learning and movement is in relation to that which they wish to become.  Each makes choices and creates daily. Other times, events occur and we react to them; learning and building from each experience.
This world is a giant bazaar and there are vendors with all kinds of experiences, goods and deceptions.  Within certain limits, you can pick and choose and spend your time as you like.  This afternoon of exploration, pleasure and learning is for the most part up to you.  In the main depending upon inclination and ability you can do as you like.
There has never been nor there ever be someone exactly like you.  You are an original expression of the Source and with each movement and experience grow closer to your ultimate destiny.  Each is destined to be a governor of a vast kingdom and share in Kingship with the Source. 
The person, who has completed the journey while in this body, has learned to unlock their latent spiritual potential.  This hidden capacity is a byproduct of a higher state of consciousness. The level and variation of spiritual talent, is individual and dependent upon their specific life journey and how they are to influence and help others.
Like a captive bird
The soul sings,
Remembering its home.
It is precisely for this song,
The bird is caged.
He is master
Who reigns supreme
In their own kingdom.

Dr. Stewart Bitkoff

The Law of One - We all come from the Source regardless of what label we use

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