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17 Jan 2011

When someone sits down to play the piano and looks at the sheet music, what they see is a series of lines, dots and flags printed on the page. Is that music, all those little squiggles? No, that's just the score and no more music than the words printed on the pages of Moby Dick are that great leviathan.

Now someone who can interpret those squiggles and push the proper piano keys in the proper order and with the proper duration can create a marvelous flow of sound. Is this what we call music? We hear the notes, the pauses, the tones and the beat vibrations caused by their mixing of different sound frequencies, but we hear something else as well, something less tangible. We hear a melody.

The fellow standing next to me who's Numerology chart is filled with 4's says, "What a terrible noise that thing makes". And I say, "My friend, don’t you recognize the melody? ... It's Bartock.”

"Melody, what’s a Melody?” he asks.

Now don't become upset with my friend. He is a good man. He cultivates and plants the earth. He cares for his children. He does not beat his wife. He just has, what some would call, an untrained ear.

No matter how long I talk with him about the melody, try to explain it, he just looks at me and shakes his head and I know by the look on his face that he has just put me in the same class with the traveling salesman who told him about the flying saucer he had seen up on the north forty. He cannot hear the melody and I can think of no way to convince him of its existence.

What does all this have to do with Numerology? The world abounds with those who will freely admit the existence of number and are even aware of some of the cycles that the numbers represent but they are unwilling to admit that Numerology is the legitimate metaphysical study of the Cannon of Number or, that such laws even exist. Does this mean that I am deluded; that numbers are just squiggles on the page and have no other meaning; that Numerology does not exist? No. No more than my friend’s inability to perceive the melody denies its existence.

Scientists for years denied any connection between moon phases and rainfall. This did not stop farmers from planting according to the almanac, even when the scientists called them superstitious or ignorant. When someone finally took the trouble to enter rainfall readings from 100 or so different locations over the past 100 years into a computer, there it was. The data clearly showed a 28-day cycle in rainfall that corresponded to the lunar cycle. I noticed that the article in the Scientific American that announced the wonderful discovery of science offered faint apologies to the farmers who were, for years, so unfairly slandered.

I don't suppose it mattered to the farmers that the scientists did not believe in something the farmers knew worked. I don't suppose anyone who knows that Numerology works cares much what science or anyone else says or believes or does not believe about Numerology. It is much like my enjoying a beautiful piece of music while my friend stuffs cotton in his ears. The enjoyment far outweighs the distraction.

When we strike a note on a piano a corresponding string on the violin standing nearby will begin to vibrate. The principal can be seen in the behavior of insects and in the rhythms of the solar system. Once a vibration has been propagated it continues to spread out in all directions like ripples on a pond. Everything, which is in tune with that vibration, begins to respond with reverberations of its own.

Ideas and thoughts have their own vibration, for thoughts are things.  Through Numerology, we seek to recognize the relationships that are not always apparent on their own. It is through Metaphysical Sciences that we seek the hidden meanings and the sacred names of all the aspects of our visible world.  

We are constantly immersed in countless harmonic vibrations from the rhythmic pulsation's of our brain cells, our hearts, and our bodies outward to the sounds of earth, the cycles of day and night. From the gravity waves that hold the solar systems in synchronization to the drumming of the distant stars, there is no escape. No count can be made of the vibrations, sub-vibrations and all their harmonic echoes spreading outward and backward to the source of all creation.

Numerology is one path to enlightenment. Not THE path, but ONE path. I remember receiving a post card from a friend on his way to Indiawhich declared "Have you read the Bhagavad-Gita?

The Bhagavad-Gita is THE answer!" My reply was brief. It asked, "What was THE question?"

We become possessed with the idea of one truth because we treat the word, “truth”, as a noun or an adjective. Try thinking of, ”truth”, as a verb or adverb. I am not telling THE truth but I am, “truthing”. I am relating my perceptions as I presently hold them with as little distortion as I can manage. ”Truth me”. Bring me into the light of your consciousness as best you can. What you are thinking, feeling, experiencing or manifesting at this moment. By, “truthing”, we are revealing our part of the universal consciousness to others. The Creek Indians had it right when they called their most venerated leaders, “Truth Speaker”. The title did not mean that everything spoken was always right but rather that the speaker never attempted to dissemble or obfuscate.

Indeed Universal consciousness must be the answer to many questions and may be approached form many sides. I say again, studying Numerology and the Canon of Number is ONE approach.

The Goal of Numerology is not prediction, although this may be the serendipitous by product of dedicated study. The Goal is the direct apprehension of all being, all consciousness.

We are moving in and out among the wheels and ratchets, gears and pendulums of an immense clock with no face and no hands, longing to know what time it is. The Numerologists among us are counting the teeth on the gears calculating the ratios, measuring the angular momentum, testing the spring tensions, studying the interrelationship of the parts, building on each new understanding, in hopes of directly apprehending the invisible face of the whole. 

Many will be distracted along the way by such attractive skills as prediction. They will loose track of the ultimate goal amid visions of the power they dream of wielding it in the temporal world. They will forget that true wisdom lies not in the acquisition of knowledge but in the application of that knowledge to the benefit of others.

In the midst of this colossal cacophony it is only now and then one hears the scrap of a coherent melody. Only by the Shaman, the Yogin, or the Master is the grand quality of the universal music of existence clearly perceived. The effect of this revelation is so profound that those who experience it carry the mark for the remainder of their existence.

It is said, “Those who speak of this experience do not know; those who know of it do not speak.”

I am reminded of the Gnostic saying, “He who knows does not know. He, who knows he does not know, knows”.

Watch the numbers. Get busy with the ones and be ready to receive when the twos show up. The sevens can help with the seeking of knowledge and understanding and the eights will help you apply that knowledge for knowledge is power. Be ready to have a little fun when the threes come calling.

Yes! You can trust the numbers if you respect and flow with their lessons. Grab a Numerology book and learn language of numbers. They can guide you in wonderful ways.

Deep within we are aware of the possibility of universal harmony and suffer an endless craving to experience it almost from birth. When we hear, dimly, the Dance of Shiva or the Music of the Spheres, there is something at our core that cries, "yes! Yes! YES!! It is that for which we have been looking. That is what we long to be, what we long to experience.

Time is motion. Stillness is eternity. Eternity is not just a long time. It has nothing to do with time. It is said of the wise man that he sees life as a wheel rolling by. While the wheel rotates the center is still and that is a lesson. We are forced to use metaphor to express this concept, as there seems no way to define it with words. Another metaphor, credited to Pythagoras and often quoted is, “God is an intelligent sphere whose center is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere.”

Poetry is the only language in which we are able to allude, with any success, to this profound experience.

The still point of the turning world is neither flesh or fleshless, neither arrest or movement, and do not call it fixity, where past and future are gathered. Except for the point, the still point there would be no dance and there is only the dance!

                                                                   T. S. Elliot

Tamuz (Rev. Charles T. Weatherford, CtH, OM)

The Law of One - We all come from the Source regardless of what label we use

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