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17 Jan 2011

We are about to begin a new year. 2011 may be one of the most eventful years you have ever experienced. Legends have spoken of this time as special. The Mayans, Hopi, Chinese I Ching and the Bible tell similar stories. It is a time of great change. Scientific information is pouring in which seems to confirm many of the old predictions. Let us take a Numerological and symbolic look at the doorway into the New Year.

2010 reduces to a pure 3 year. (2+0+1+0 = 3) 2011 will be a pure 4 year. Because only one reduction step is necessary to arrive at a single digit, these numbers are pure in that there is little other strong influence to be considered.

The purity remains for the first five days of 2011 beginning with January1st which is a pure 6 then proceeds from 7 to 8 to 9 and then 10, on the fifth day of January,  the last single reduction double digit of January in 2011.

Six is the number of balance, so what I see in this is a diver poised on the edge of the tower setting the balance of the 6 and anticipating the dive to come. Then follows the 7 which represents the knowledge the diver has acquired during training and practice. Then the power 8 which flows through the body accompanied with the belief that this dive can be accomplished to perfection. Then the 9 takes over, that final moment of concentration before the decision to go.

All the preparation is concentrated into the few seconds meditative time in which the diver visualized the perfect dive. 10 says begin again and the diver proceeds to replicate the visualized perfection.

So it is we proceed from the 3 into the 4 year. The first day of the year is a Saturday dedicated to Saturn the Teacher. That should tell us to remember what we have learned so far in our lives. Reflection on the past often brings new understandings into the light of the second day ruled by the Sun. From this powerful light we then plunge into the watery subconscious world of the Moon on Monday and what we have learned must be allowed to sink in to the deepest part of our consciousness.

By the process of the first three days we are ready to move, ready to act on what we know needs to be accomplished in the year ahead. Tuesday’s Mars provides the force, the energy to surge forward. Mercury takes over on Wednesday with its silvery swiftness as we plunge into our new life with confidence and high expectation.

The 3 year has been a time of creativity. We have built the foundation which will serve as the underpinning of the 4 year. The 4 is often called the foundation. In this case it will be the foundation from which we launch into the new age of Aquarius, or, by some, called the age of Aeon of Horus who is the child of Isis and Osiris each of whom, in turn, crowned the two previous ages. The alignment of our Sun with the center of our Galaxy announces the next evolutionary step of human consciousness. The numerology gives us the pattern for opening our own personal way into this new period of human evolution.

After we have entered into this year what can we expect for the rest of the year? Everyone seems to have noticed that things are moving more quickly, more is happening and the amount of information available to us on a daily basis is growing at an astounding pace.

Scientists are overwhelmed with the amount of data they are getting about our galaxy and solar system on a daily basis. There is hardly time to analyze the data flow.

You may also have noticed that secrets are being revealed right and left not only in the gossip columns but halls of the nation’s capitol and even more widely with such situations as Wikileaks. The process of globalization has opened many new doorways.  Some have speculated that we may be coming into a time when there will be no more secrets and our minds will be open for all to read.

The Mayans divided time into 9 periods each like the steps of a pyramid each step shorter than the last. We are about to step onto the shortest of those steps, the ninth step. The Mayans divided each of these steps into 13 parts known as 7 days and 6 nights.

In the present period which began in January of 1999 each of those days and nights was equivalent to 360 of our days. The step before that began in 1775 and each of the 13 divisions lasted 256 years.

On February 10thof 2011 we will move to the final ninth step and each of the 13 divisions will last 20 days ending on December 21st2012.

My father was born in 1901 and remembers at age 5 being taken to town to see one of the first automobiles run up and down the muddy main street of Lake Charles Louisiana. He lived to see men walking on the moon. All this happened in one lifetime. If we can judge from the past then 2011 will be quite a ride. Best buckle the seat belts.

In the, receptive two, second month of the year we will receive this special gift and in the creative 3 month of March we shall begin to see what we can do with all the changes.

Don’t be surprised if the lawmakers begin to scurry about trying of offset the disruptions which will be present in April, and May can turn out to be a blessing or a curse or maybe both.

June will begin to see the return of some balance but the hard lessons will be coming in July and I wouldn’t be surprised to hear talk of martial law by August.

No one can accurately see the future but only what is likely to happen if things go on as they are presently going. I hope there are enough of you out there to help quell the chaos and minister to those who will need your help.

It has been said that we are in this physical dimension in order to awaken from the illusion of separateness, to become aware of the unity of all peoples and all things. This reunification can’t come too soon. It would be well to prepare for this new understanding so that we may embrace the epiphany in a joyful and loving manner.

Tamuz (Rev. Charles T. Weatherford, CtH, OM)

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