Looking for a special lotion, potion or bath treat? Trained aroma therapists are now on staff to help create a scent to awaken your senses. 

Definition: Aromatherapy (a·ro·ma·ther·a·py):   The use of selected fragrant substances in lotions and inhalants in an effort to affect mood and promote health.


Sit at our aroma bar and inhale a scent to uplift, balance, calm or address a variety of symptoms.

We are happy to make you a scent exclusively for you. This can be used in lotions, soaps, body scents, candles and more.

 Shooting for the Moon now offers signature aromatherapy!

What is signature scent?

A Signature scent is a scent that is created by the person who is going to wear the product that maximizes his/her sense of contentment and well being by enhancing individual vibrational energy. Each of us has our own vibrational energy. Some of us are very earthy and love barks and roots for our scents while others prefer floral sweet scents. We have a master aroma therapist on staff. Each of you have your own preference, also, each of you need a different kind of blend in which to balance your well being of body, mind, and soul. In addition, at certain times in out lives, we gravitate towards one scent or another depending on what our body needs. For example, if you are going into a particularly stressful time in your life, you may find yourself preferring scents that create a calming effect, while if you are going into a possible sad time, you may prefer something that uplifts and enhances your positivity. Many times, you may have a scent for work and a scent for play.

Our products are all natural but more than that, they are pure. That word is used so much in our world, what does that really mean. When you experience a scent, you should be able to feel the energy of that scent. It should feel alive, vibratory, and energetic. If it is artificial, it will feel flat. If you have ever tried to sing in a concrete room (hotel rooms work well for this) versus the shower, you will understand what I'm saying. The walls do not pick up the energy of the song, they dull it down, and it does not resonate. This is why you always sound better singing in the shower or a car than a concrete room. It is about vibration. Once you can feel the difference, I encourage you to smell everything: candles, incense, soap, everything. Go to those department stores and smell their products. then smell our products. Suddenly, you will understand what I am saying to be true. Our scents may not be as intense as those cheaper products, but our scents will fill your being with the vital life force of pure energy ("mana").

Scents are meant to stimulate and awaken our being. Scents are meant to balance our bodies. Scents are meant to awaken our souls.

So often, people complain that incense gives them a headache or candles make them nauseous. This is good, for you beginning to listen to your body and what it is telling you. Smell our products and then go to those stores that sell artificially scented products and you will understand the difference. You will not get a headache from our scents. Interestingly enough, even those who do not have a sense of smell can benefit from aromatherapy. Its work, whether you can smell or not, it just takes a bit longer to find that correct blend as one aspect of the process is eliminated.

In addition, each person has a preference of scents. Sometimes, this comes from their sense of smell; sometimes it comes from their body's need at that moment. The later is subconscious and that is where we come in. We use our intuitive skills to help you find the blend that is right for you at this moment in time to enhance your well being and sense of contentment. We use our intuitive skills and our master level knowledge of aromatherapy to create with you that scent which is perfect for your well being and personal enhancement.

Make an appointment today to visit our store. You will be treated to a healing cup of tea and a pleasant atmosphere where you can explore your senses through an intuitive session that leaves you with a perfect signature scent.

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Aromatherapists on Staff:

Kathy Brown (store owner) - Master Level Aromatherapist

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