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5 Feb 2015    When Hate Pays a Visit

It was my Birthday and I was ready to celebrate.  My family was healthy. My Grandkids were fun to be with.  My dogs were current on all their shots and were given a clean bill of Health.  The business was sustaining itself.  AT 55 Years old I was feeling more like 30 years old.  I had just rescued a kitten who, after weeks of struggle and sickness, was finally strong enough to play.  I even had a few dollars in my pocket to spend on me and I went skipping down the stairs from my residence on the third floor to the store front on the first floor.

 You see, I live at my business.  It’s in a sleepy little town, where people live close to the Earth.  We wave to each other and gather at the local diner to chat and connect with each other.  People have respect for each other and for the most part have the decency to allow their neighbors to follow whatever path is meant for them. I live on the third floor with my two dogs and 19 year old cats and the new kitten.  The second floor has an extensive metaphysical Library, a meeting room and two Healing rooms.  Oh, and a Space is rented out to the Local Bails Bondsman. The first floor is a retail store with lots of metaphysical items to buy.  Crystals, gemstones, and jewelry are everywhere.  I even have clothing, aromatherapy, herbs, wellness teas, and fun, mystical creatures.  It is a small shop, with very little inventory, but everything is handpicked and selected with the buyer in mind.  I purchase items with the thought that everything already has an owner, it is my job to bring the two energies together.

 When you walk into the building, you feel the Love right away, like a mother’s hug welcoming you home from a treacherous and tiresome journey.  I created that space to be a safe haven in our tough chaotic world where everything seems to be so topsy- turvy.  This is a place where everyone is a friend and enemies are seen, not as negative problems, but as gifts sent by Spirit to help an individual learn a lesson, evolve, and grow.  We nurture everyone.  Everyone gets a hug if they wish.  Whoever is a part of our center is here to help people find the balance between the mundane world and the World of Spirit.  We remind people that” We are All One”, coming from the Source and returning to the Source like drops of rain flowing to the Ocean.  We help people sort out the various insanities of their lives and we teach methods and skills to remain balanced during these trying times.  We are here to Hold the Light and prove, without a doubt, that Positive is always stronger than Negative.

So imagine my surprise when a broken window was waiting for me at the bottom of the stairs.  Did some poor bird zig instead of zag? Was it that windy last night? Not in my wildest thoughts did “Hate” enter.  Yet, there on the floor was what looked like a Molotov Cocktail.  A jar with saturated newspaper sticking out of it and a singe on the top of the paper.  Someone lit a container of flammable liquid and threw it through my window.  Someone intended to burn my building to the ground with me and my animals in it.

  As I was being interviewed by the Police and various reporters over the next few days I kept saying “I don’t know how to process this”.    This act of violence is so far outside our realm of consciousness that it does not seem real. I do know this- I refuse to own it, I refuse to dwell on it, and I refuse to allow it to change my consciousness in a negative way.  If the intention was to scare me, it did not happen.

 People like me have very little attachment to the physical world.  That doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy the possessions or the colors, tastes, smells, touches and sounds of this beautiful world, quite the opposite, we appreciate all of that which is of the physical world, but we understand it is not the absolute.  The energy behind everything is what makes the sights, sounds, tastes, smells, and touch come alive.  It is the connection to Spirit that gives value.  Whoever threw this bottle accomplished nothing.  They did not bring fear, intimidation or negative.  Yes, I reactivated my security system (both physical and psychic) and I now remember that not everyone thrives on positive energy, but nothing else has changed except a stronger connection with Divine.  Remember, the bumps in the road just let you fly a little bit higher, if only for a moment.

  It is interesting that each person who has a theory of the incident projects their own personals issues onto it.  So, what are your personal issues?  Are you afraid that friends and family and others will “attack” you for your beliefs?  Are you afraid of others challenging your worthiness as an individual? Do you feel the need to justify your beliefs to your friends and family? All the time? 

 It is tragic that alternative approaches to Spirituality are still issues of rejection in today’s world.  Being “unconventional” is painful at times.  I am so tired of being accused of worshiping The Devil.  I am so tired of people refusing to see the facts in front of them concerning anyone else’s perception of Spirit.  I am so tired of people challenging me for the right to have a metaphysical center with multiple belief approaches.  Just as many witches come in and say I’m not a witch as Haters come in to say we are not of GOD.  So many people still need others to fit the image of what that individual believes represents that particular approach the Spirituality.  Hollywood helps a little, and hurts a lot.

So, let this incident challenge you just as it has challenged me and those close to me.  What fears are just under the surface waiting to manifest for you?  I wonder to myself- did I create this incident?  Was I subconsciously afraid of just this type of thing happening and so it did? What fears are just below your surface that manifest themselves through your life? Betrayal?  Rejection?  Hate? There is a reason that metaphysical stores don’t last very long, and it’s not always about money.  This is a difficult career.  It feels as if you are being criticized and challenged  from every angle.  In reality (what’s that?), people are just projecting their own internal issues and criticisms on to you as their healer and counselor.  If you take it personally you will crumble like a dried out leaf.  Just as the individual who took the time to break my window and throw a cocktail through is working through his/her own issues and criticisms, it cannot and should not be taken personally. I wish for healing for that individual and I hope we all grow and learn from this event.

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