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Charles is an ordained priest in the Order of Melchizedek. He is an interfaith minister associated with the Reunification Church. A frequent lecturer on metaphysical subjects he is known as a spiritual counselor with a healing approach. He has been a student of Numerology for over 60 years and of Tarot for more than 50 years. He has studied Qabala, Sacred Geometry and Ancient Cultures and was principle in a Hypnotherapy practice. His experiences as a counselor for handicapped persons as well as a Teacher/Head Master of a private school for "Troubling" Children have served to broaden his therapeutic understandings. A skilled Energy worker, he does Tarot and Numerology readings, Past Life Regressions and Individual Hypnotic Counseling teaching life enhancing skills.



The Eye of Jacob


I was given the name Tamuz in a dream. A small figure in a brown hooded robe Pointed at me with his right index finger and then at the wall behind him with three characters in a rusty red color displayed on the stone wall at the same moment I heard the word Tamuz spoken. It sounded like Thomas but with a “Z” sound at the end. The figure then pointed to his right eye and then his left eye and back to the Wall. If anyone recognizes those three figures I would be delighted to hear from them.


This seemed very strange and incomprehensible upon awakening and it was some time later that I discovered the Tamuz is the name of the 4th month on the Hebrew calendar. It is interesting to note that Tav is the first letter of Tamuz with a numerological value of 4 and the numerology of the word Tamuz is 22 which if it were not a master number would be reduced to a 4. The word in Hebrew is spelled Tav, Mem, Vav, and Zayin, four letters.  I have yet to identify the three figures on the wall.


As I began to look in various Hebrew sources for the meaning of the word Tamuz I found some interesting information which helped me better understand the images which I had seen in the dream.


Tamuz is the month of, “The Sin of the Golden Calf”. That idol came between man and God thus obscuring man’s true vision of the divine. It is also the beginning of the three week period during which the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem was destroyed. I know how profoundly the destruction of that edifies effects the Jews but I have always wondered if the building, as important as it was to them, was being confused with God. One might see the physical temple as an idol as well.


Tamuz has been described at the month of the “Holiday of the eyes”. This is said to mean that one must guard the eyes in order to see only that which is good and noble in the world and in his fellow man.


Moses, while blessing Israel, Deuteronomy 33:28, says: “So Israel dwelt in safety, the fountain of Jacob alone, in the land of grain and wine.” The above as it appears in the King James Version of the Old Testament and when compared with the same verse in the Talmud seems not to catch the meaning.


“betach badad ein yaacov” Directly translates, “Sure, alone, is the eye of Jacob”. Additionally the first word “betach” is an acronym for “bracha tov chayim”, Blessing, and Good Life. 


The blessing of the good life seems to be present in both versions but the Talmud speaks of the vision of Jacob while the King James Version speaks of a fountain of grain and wine. Moses, it seems to me, was speaking of the spiritual vision of Jacob leading to a blessed life while the King James translation, as it so often does, is more about worldly gains, pleasurable but carnal. More likely it is advice to train the eye, as did Jacob, to see through the carnal and perceive the internal blessings and good life which is given by God and not the evil outer shell of our physical existence. The sight of Tamuz is the ability to see through physical reality to behold its divine source.


The astrological sign, or Mazel, which is attached to Tamuz is Cancer the crab called, “sartan”. Sartan is made up of two words, sar and tan which literally reads, “remove the body”. In other words remove the physical body in order to reveal the soul. Another way of saying, remove the outer shell of reality, as one removes the shell of the crab to reveal the food within. By means of concentrated sight we may reveal the reality of the life force within.


The Word Tamuz starts with Tam which means to “connect together or consummate”. The remaining letters Vav and Zayin correspond with the two months (Lyar and Sivan) preceding Tamuz. In terms of sight Vav represents the spiritual light which emanates from the eyes and Zayin which represents the physical light returning from the object observed to the eyes.It is a Qabalistic belief that sight travels from the eye to the object viewed and is reflected back to the eye, thus we are in control of what we see. Quantum physics has verified this for when the scientists look to see whether an electron is a wave or a particle they always find what they are looking for. The answer to the question,”Is an electron a particle or a wave?” Is technically… YES!


It is the index finger of the right hand which points the direction of vision as in my dream. In the sense of consummation the silver wedding ring is placed on the right index finger of the bride. The Song of Songs 5:2 speaks of, “The Dove” or the deep experience of love expressed by bride and groom as they gaze endlessly into each other’s eyes.


The month of Tamuz relates to the tribe of Reuben whose name is derived from the root, “to see”. The Ruby, or Odem, which also means red, represents the tribe of Reuben in the sacred twelve jeweled breast plate worn by the high priest. Odem, the most seductive of colors, is spelled the same as Adam, or man and implies the fall of man, the Golden Calf of perhaps the rectification of man at the coming of the messiah.  Thus in The Wizard of Oz the ruby slippers are the means of freeing Dorothy from the illusion of Oz. Freedom from the dream means clearing of the vision.


In the light of all these images and correspondences my dream makes more and more sense. I have for some time been concerned with the idea of ever being in the presence of God. That is, remembering that I am spirit and viewing the physical world as a manifestation of Spirit. Finding this information has convinced me that I have been on the right path. I began by thinking that God was hidden and it was up to me, using the eyes of Jacob, to seek him out among all the confusion and pain of the physical world. It is this search by which we achieve Teshuva or reunification with God


Later I began to realize that the Creator was present in all creation. God doesn’t hide from us but gloriously reveals himself or herself in all things. What seems evil is the shadow behind the brightness of good. “The brighter the light, the darker the shadow”; Carl Jung pointed that out. Then I realized that the light and the shadow are one as are we all… ONE.


I have since used the name Tamuz as my spiritual name.


Rev. Charles T. “Skip” Weatherford, CtH, OM

Priest in the Order of Melchizedek

Transpersonal Hypnotherapist

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