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Located near Snydersville just off Rt 33 on Business Rt 209 across from the Snydersville Diner 

agate@ptd.net     570-992-0943

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Autumn Massage Special

Offer good until October 24th


Warm Pumpkin spice mud body wrap    $90

Specially made Pumpkin Spice Mud by practitioner, no chemicals, additives, preservatives or pesticides used in the ingredients used in this product

Relax while wrapped in the warmth of this rejuvenating mud treatment. This invigorating exfoliation treatment helps remove dead skin cells and hydrates and moisturizes you skin.

Pumpkin is rich in naturally occurring antioxidants, essential fatty acids and contains remarkably high levels of vitamin E.


Pumpkin Spice Swedish Massage     $ 75

Delight in the scents of autumn with the spicy blend of pumpkin spice. Enjoy the soft aroma of pumpkin during a relaxing massage


Services available:


Reiki Sessions: $40 

Hypnotherapy sessions: $65 

Tarot Readings: $50

House Cleansings- $75 and up. Get rid of unwanted energies in your homes.

Past Life Regression- $90

Massage Therapy - $75 and up 

Reflexology- $40   




Lori Wilson- Massage Therapy



I also have a masters in counseling psychology and human services with a specialization in Marriage and Family Therapy. I have worked in this field for 16 years.  

"What you are now choosing to think, feel, say and do will create the next moment, the next day, the next month, the next year. Take care of yourself and create a better tomorrow."



Deep Tissue Massage   $90

Swedish massage           $70

Chair Massage   $1 per minute

Crystal Hand Soak       $20

Crystal Foot Soak         $25

Pet Massage*               $45


Add On Services

Tapping                       $15

Bamboo                       $15

Crystal Hand Soak       $15

Crystal Foot Soak       $20


Events for September 2014

Shooting for the Moon


Monthly Ongoing:


Every Tuesday we have   Edgar Cayce   group. 7PM.Cost is donations. We discuss much more than just Edgar Cayce's healings and readings. We delve into energy work, bending spoons, dream works, meditation; Ancient alphabets; Ancient Civilizations; and other Great Thinkers. This group is fluid, and all topics are decided by the group. Skip Weatherford is the facilitator but the group determines the topics.


Reiki Share (August 8th & 15th))First and third Friday of every month- 7PM. Cost is donation. Mark Gerger is the facilitator.This group is open to any person who has received their reiki attunement. We have all levels of reiki attuned persons, from level I- Level III. This time is for people who wish to hone their reiki skills. Practitioners work on each other and several tables are set up so that small groups can work. There is usually a mini discussion on reiki techniques before hands on healing begins. This is a time when the healers heal themselves and get much needed restoration.


Full Moon Gathering-Monday September 8that 6:30PM call center for details as it varies every month. Kathy Brown is the facilitator. This is a non-denominational group that calls down the energies of the moon in her healing capacity. We create a Nectar that charges in the moonlight that imbues the recipient with healing and recharging energy. Bring your cup to embrace the energy of the feminine as represented by the Moon. There is usually a guided meditation included in the ceremony and often we are outside, so dress warmly.


Witches Brew- September 24th 6:30PM.Solitaries welcome!. This is a group that meets at New Moon to fellowship and do specific workings. We are Wiccan in base although all persons are welcome who follow the Craft. Cost is $5 and a potluck to share.

Specific for August:


Sacred Geometry  with Skip Weatherford  begins September 11th 6:30PMfor 6 weeks.  Cost $150

We will study the history of symbolism and how this energy affects us.  Text: How the World is Made by John Michell


Weed Walk- Saturday September 13th at 11am- $40

weather permitting.  Come join Kathy for a walk around the local area where various healing plants will be identified and discussed.  Wear comfortable shoes and be prepared to  

Chair Massages:Friday September 19thfrom 3PM-7PM- 
reduced to $20 per session.  Chair massages will be offered every 4th friday of the month from 3-7 PM.  Sign up or walk in

Reiki Level Itraining class, September 13th  9:30 AM. Cost $125



Reiki Level IITraining class September 14th 9:30PM cost $125


Call the center to sign up for these classes.  Remember, more to come.  570-992-0943


Sign up Today!! by calling:  

(Please remember that we also have gift certificates for classes and merchandise!)


 Services Offered:
·Clinical Hypnotherapy

·Karmic Astrology Readings
·Guided Meditation
·Time Empowerment Techniques 
·Private Magical Sessions

·Numerology Readings
·Spiritual Counseling
·Tarot Readings
·Pendulum Readings
·Magical Crafts
·Classes in Tarot, Wicca, and Magick

·Astrological & Natal






Our MissionStatement- The goal of Shooting for the Moon is to provide a place where people can grow and learn and expand their awareness and understanding of others. Education and knowledge is power. Fear is what you experience when you do not understand something or someone. By understanding another's spirituality, you can link with that person to form a stronger bond, one that leads both individuals closer to the Divine.


6247 Rte 209 , Stroudsburg, PA 18360, (570) 992-0943