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Located near Snydersville just off Rt 33 on Business Rt 209 across from the Snydersville Diner 

agate@ptd.net     570-992-0943

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Services available:


Reiki Sessions: $40 

Hypnotherapy sessions: $65 

Tarot Readings: $50

House Cleansings- $75 and up. Get rid of unwanted energies in your homes.

Past Life Regression- $90

Massage Therapy - $70 and up 

Reflexology- $40  

Table Tipping with Mary Isis- $150for up to 5 persons 

Lori Wilson- Massage Therapy

Deep Tissue Massage   $90

               Swedish massage           $70

               Chair Massage   $1 per minute

               Crystal Hand Soak       $20

               Crystal Foot Soak         $25

               Pet Massage*               $45


Add On Services

Tapping                       $15

Bamboo                       $15

Crystal Hand Soak       $15

Crystal Foot Soak       $20


New!!!!   Come in and make your own  

                 dream Pillow.  Cost $15

·      Several recipes to choose from

·      many herbs and oils to use

·      bring your friends and have fun creating your personalized pillow ( takes about ten minutes)


February is The Month of Love.  We will be focusing on connecting  Heart to Heart with others.


Couple's Day of Love:

On February 14th we are offering a couple's day of Love where each couple will receive an individual scented  Champagne Rose chocolate massage and a joint reading  to  see what direction will strengthen their union and future.  The cost for this event is $250 per couple and 2.5 hours should be allotted for each couple. Space is limited but can be arranged for a different day if necessary.  1570-992-0943


Learning to connect with your Past Lives begins Thursday, February 12th at 6:30PM.  This six weerk course will teach you ways to understand and identify  your Past Lives and how those experiences effect you in this lifetime.  Learn your karmic connections with people in your current lifetime. Is your mate your twin flame?  Your soulmate?  What lessons do you bring into this lifetime from previous incarnations? Cost $150. 1-570-992-0943


 Pendulum Workshop:  Saturday February 21st at 1PM.  Bring your pendulum or use ours. We will be making a pendulum board and learning various ways to use the pendulum.  Cost $40. 1-570-992-0943


Monthly Ongoing Events:


Every Tuesday 
Edgar Cayce group. 7PM. 
Cost is donations. We discuss much more than just Edgar Cayce's healings and readings. We delve into energy work, bending spoons, dream works, meditation; Ancient alphabets; Ancient Civilizations; and other Great Thinkers. This group is fluid, and all topics are decided by the group. Skip Weatherford is the facilitator but the group determines the topics.
Full Moon Ceremony
Wednesday February 4th 6:30PM.  All are welcome.  Bring a chalice and a moonstone and food to share.  Cost $5.


Reiki Share, Friday, February 6th and February 20th at  7 PM.
First and third Friday of every month- 7PM. Cost is donation. Mark Gerger is the facilitator.This group is open to any person who has received their reiki attunement. We have all levels of reiki attuned persons, from level I- Level III.
This time is for people who wish to hone their reiki skills. Practitioners work on each other and several tables are set up so that small groups can work. There is usually a mini discussion on reiki techniques before hands on healing begins. This is a time when the healers heal themselves and get much needed restoration. 
Reiki Level 1: Saturday, February 7th 9:30 AM. cost $125


This class covers what Reiki is and how it heals; the history of Reiki (based on current research by Reiki scholars); the five principles of Reiki; Our Energy Systems - Chakras, Meridians and Auras; and the three pillars of Japanese Reiki. It also includes the Reiki I Attunement (Initiation), as well as how to clear your energy field, and methods for giving Reiki treatments to yourself and others. Text: Rand, William Lee, Reiki, the Healing Touch First and Second Degree Manual, International Center for Reiki Training, Southfield, MI, 2011. (Also used in Level 2 Course) Prerequisite: None.   Cost: $125 (at least 50% deposit before the class date and the balance due by the start of the class.) Note: 7 CE hours available for Licensed Massage Therapists.

Reiki Level 2: Sunday February 8th 9:30AM.  cost $125

This class covers the three Usui Reiki Symbols, used in healing, their meanings, how to draw them, and how to use them. It also includes a Reiki Level 2 Attunement (Initiation). In this class, you will learn additional Japanese Reiki techniques that Dr. Usui taught his students for sending Reiki with the eyes and breath, as well as distant healing techniques. Practice time will be given for all of the techniques, including distant healing. Prerequisite: Reiki 1 from any lineage. We need to copy your certificate if not from here. Cost: $125 (at least 50% deposit before the class date and the balance due by the start of the class.) Note: 7 CE hours available for Licensed Massage Therapists.


Reiki Level 3a: To Be Announced.  Cost $145.
 This class covers the Usui Master Symbol, and how to draw and use it. It also covers the use of crystals and a Reiki Crystal Grid for sending Reiki to yourself and others. Students will also receive a Master Practitioner Attunement (Initiation). Students will also learn and practice the Reiki Moving Meditation and a Reiki Symbols Meditation to better attune them with all of the symbols. Students will learn and practice giving and receiving Reiki Aura Cleaning (aka Psychic Surgery) to help remove negative energy blocks and send them to the light. Text: Rand, William Lee, Advanced Reiki Training, International Center for Reiki Training, Southfield, MI, 2003. Prerequisite: Reiki 2 from any lineage and at least six months since your Reiki 2 class. We need to copy your certificate if not from here. Cost: $145 (at least 50% deposit before the class date with the balance due on the class date.) Note: 7 CE hours available for Licensed Massage Therapists. 
Witches Brew:  Wednesday February 18th at 6:30PM.  Sign Up by calling 570-992-0943

Next Month(March) look for :
Basic Herbology Class- 6 weeks  $150
Wicca 101 Class-  one class  $40          


Retail Store closed:Sundays & Mondays. 

Center open  9AM-(PM 7 days a week



Love & light



Call the center to sign up for these classes.  Remember, more to come.  570-992-0943


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 Services Offered:
·Clinical Hypnotherapy

·Karmic Astrology Readings
·Guided Meditation
·Time Empowerment Techniques 
·Private Magical Sessions

·Numerology Readings
·Spiritual Counseling
·Tarot Readings
·Pendulum Readings
·Magical Crafts
·Classes in Tarot, Wicca, and Magick

·Astrological & Natal






Our MissionStatement- The goal of Shooting for the Moon is to provide a place where people can grow and learn and expand their awareness and understanding of others. Education and knowledge is power. Fear is what you experience when you do not understand something or someone. By understanding another's spirituality, you can link with that person to form a stronger bond, one that leads both individuals closer to the Divine.


6247 Rte 209 , Stroudsburg, PA 18360, (570) 992-0943