So, here is what I know at this point- Thursday October 11th at 9AM.
1. Evidently, I was not given a certificate of occupancy at time of closing on AUgust 17th..  Hamilton township requires this certificate for every closing but somehow the various people involved didn't know that and failed to get that certificate.  This is my primary concern because without that certificate, I am illegally living in the upstairs residence, even though that residence has been occupied consistently through the past years. Interestingly, the previous owners ( multiple ones) have never been required to complete these forms or if they were no compliance issues were found. So our first priority is to get a certificate of occupancy immediately so we will not be dumped out onto the street.
2. I am required to apply for a "Change of Use" certificate because I am not longer running as a bar/restaurant, but am now a retail.  No one involved with the closing thought I would need a change of use certificate as both are considered selling.  Ordinarily, this application involves filling out a 1 page form sending it in and getting a stamp of approval and then paying a nominal fee of $25.  The township has deemed it necessary for me to bring the building up the current building codes, which have changed drastically over the past 12 years.  Interestingly enough, the previous owner needed to be open 1 day in order to place the liquor license in escrow, and no one required him to get these building improvements.
3. I need to get a special home office certificate so that I can counsel out of my place of residence.  When I first moved here in 2005, I got one for the farm and it followed me to the old store on Rim Rock and 209.  Yet, now they are saying that that certificate does not follow the person but rather stays with the property.  They say I am legal to counsel at Rim Rock but not the new location.
So, 3 certificates are required and none will be issued until an enormous amount of work is done.  This an old building that has not been accountable for years to the changing building codes. Curiously, no one has deemed the building unsafe in any way.  It is structurally sound and has been cleared through inspection for water purity, sewer effectiveness, electrical codes, and structural.  Things that are needed are extras like a requirement of cement ceilings between the first and second floor because the residence is above a commercial.  Second egress from residence.  Possible sprinkler system. etc.  You get the gist.  I have been up all night reading building codes for this state, some are reasonable ( handicap access ramp) and some are ridiculous.  Today will be spent interviewing lawyers.  I will keep everyone informed as I make progress.  I can not understand how the seller or the previous seller, or the previous seller, were not held to the same standards I am being held to.  Makes you wonder....
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