Shooting for the Moon

Spiritual Development Center




Meet Our Healers:

Kathy Brown- Spiritual and Magickal Counselor, Herbalist

Rob Fleigel Astrology

Kelly Escobado- Reiki Master

Boguslawa Maturiak- Soul Healer

Located near Snydersville just off Rt 33 on Business Rt 209 across from the Snydersville Diner.  Please be careul when using GPS as it tends to give directions to East Stroudsburg, not SNydersville.  Place the name of the business in to be sure that you get the correct directions. 

agate@ptd.net     570-992-0943

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Services available:


Hypnotherapy sessions: $65 

Spiritual Counseling:  $50

Tarot Readings: $50

House Cleansings- $75 and up. Get rid of unwanted energies in your homes.

Hand Fastings/ Weddings  $75 and up

Light Column Activation  $20 and up

Past Life Regression- $90

Herbology Consultations  $50 



               Upcoming events 2016:

Full Moon- October 16th 6:30PM .  This is a Sunday event.  Call to sign up. Cost $5 plus a potluck to share.

Samhain -October 31st 6PM. This is a Monday event and everyone needs to sign up and pay in advance.  Cost is $10 ( no refunds).  Bring a Potluck meal to share and if you wish- a photo of someone who has crossed over for the ancestral table.

Full Moon - November 14th 6:30PM.  This is a monday event.  Cost is $5.  bring your chalice and a moonstone and a potluck to share.

Full Moon- December 13th 6:30PM.  This is a Tuesday event.  Cost is $5.  Bring your chalice and a moonstone and a potluck to share.

Yule- December 21st 6:30PM.  This is a Wednesday event.  Cost is $5.  Bring a Potluck to share and a small gift for ggift exchange ( around $10).


New!!!!   Come in and make your own  

                 dream Pillow.  Cost $15

·      Several recipes to choose from

·      many herbs and oils to use

·      bring your friends and have fun creating your personalized pillow ( takes about ten minutes)


 Ongoing Events and Courses:


Basic Herbalism for Health and Wellness

Magickal Herbalism


Magickal Studies:

Wicca series

Temple of the Moon

Planetary Magick

Guided Meditation






 Temple of the Moon program of magickal studies.  Our group meets to learn the tradition ways of Celtic magick,  Planetary magick, divination, philosophy of the Ancient ways, ceremonial magick through the Qabala, folklore, and much more.  The cost is $40 per month and a commitment of one year will be required for new students.


Retail Store closed:Sundays & Mondays. 

Center open  9AM-9PM- 7 days a week





Love & light



Call the center to sign up for these classes.  Remember, more to come.  570-992-0943


Sign up Today!! by calling:  

(Please remember that we also have gift certificates for classes and merchandise!)


 Services Offered:
·Clinical Hypnotherapy

··Guided Meditation 
·Private Magical Sessions

·Spiritual Counseling
·Tarot Readings
·Pendulum Readings
·Magical Crafts
·Classes in Tarot, Wicca, and Magick

·Astrological & Natal






Our MissionStatement- The goal of Shooting for the Moon is to provide a place where people can grow and learn and expand their awareness and understanding of others. Education and knowledge is power. Fear is what you experience when you do not understand something or someone. By understanding another's spirituality, you can link with that person to form a stronger bond, one that leads both individuals closer to the Divine.


The Law of One- we all come from the Source regardless of what label we use

6247 Rte 209 , Stroudsburg, PA 18360, (570) 992-0943