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Mission Statement:

The goal of Shooting for the Moon is to provide a place where people can grow and learn and expand theirawareness and understanding of others. Education and knowledge is power. Fear is what you experience when you do not understand something or someone. By understanding another's Spirituality, you can link with that person to form a stronger bond, one that leads both individuals closer to the Divine.



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Shooting for the Moon Spiritual Development Center


We are very proud of the accomplishments it has taken to create this place. It started as a small retail shop with colorful unique gifts, jewelry, and clothing. We also started selling esoteric and metaphysical items such as tarot cards, meditation devices and herbs. But the customer wanted more, they wanted someone to guide them with their questions concerning spirituality and the various paths. So quickly, we turned into a teaching center as well. As word spread of what we were offering, more and more students came forward to learn and as is always the case, the teachers arrive to the requests of the students. If you build it they will come...

So today, we are expanding the task given to us by the Universal energies even more by creating a catalog of instructors and courses designed to give the individual seeker structure on his/her personal journey. Each seeker can find a program that works with them and can even achieve certification in some areas of study.

We do not guarantee you will find Spirituality, nor are we selling that. You are already Spiritual. We do offer you knowledge and experience of persons who have traveled similar paths and through us you will have the tools needed to navigate your own waters. Remember, the student is the teacher; the teacher is the student.

Please note that we will never interfere with another's destiny as it is our policy to serve the highest good of every individual.

We recognize and utilize the self-healing power of the Universe and are always in accordance with the highest earthly/divine destiny. We follow many different pantheons here. They all merge because we are One. All Paths lead to the Source. We teach the labels so that you can forget them.


Kathy Agate Brown

Steward of the Moon






The Law of One- we all come from the Source regardless of what label we use

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